This is an archive and the event is now known as The Children’s Media Conference. Please click here for information on the latest conference.

Session Producers

Each event at Showcomotion is supervised by a volunteer producer.  Producers come from various parts of the industry and have different levels of experience. They may offer both the idea for a session within the conference’s overall theme and their services in researching, shaping and organising that, or they may join at a later stage when the session concept has already been agreed – in which case they often research the roster of speakers, invite them to attend and co-ordinate their presentations to avoid repetition and keep the session on topic. 

Producers will generally build the structure for their session and sometimes a “format”. They might create special video content or other visuals to illustrate or liven the proceedings, and have been known to call in favours to achieve that!  All producers attend the conference to supervise the session they have developed.  They work closely with the session moderator they have chosen, to achieve consistency, innovative and stimulating content and good debate.

Showcomotion needs people from all sections of the children’s media industries to offer their ideas, expertise, contacts and knowledge to produce the very best content for July 2009  If you have something you feel strongly the industry should be discussing, if you know of an innovative project on TV, Online, in Games, Radio, Film or in the licensing field – then let us know. We are looking for fascinating case studies, great keynote speakers on creative and “political” issues and of course the bigger picture discussion sessions – and all of these need producers!

Showcomotion will offer free registration to all session producers. In some cases it may be possible to offer travel and accommodation costs too.

The time commitment will depend on the complexity of the session planned. In general producers tend to spend no more than an hour or so a week in the early stages of content research and development, with this extending to more time as the speaker roster is confirmed and details finalised in May and June. Volunteer producers use a variety of methods to co-ordinate their speakers and moderator. Some convene meetings, often over a drink or lunch, some organise phone conferences and some ensure there is a full exchange of information between all the contributing parties by email. This co-ordination and a full briefing as to the structure, format and aims of the session are vital to the conference’s overall success. Showcomotion delegates have come to expect the very highest editorial quality as a result of previously well-produced sessions. 

Time commitment at the conference itself will be a half day briefing and rehearsal on the opening day with your fellow-producers, and the session itself, on the 2nd or 3rd day, including a half-hour preparation period immediately beforehand.

To volunteer your idea and/or yourself as a session producer, contact the Conference Executive Producer, Greg Childs with a note on your background and current role, your idea or the area of interest you’d like to apply your skills to.

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