This is an archive and the event is now known as The Children’s Media Conference. Please click here for information on the latest conference.

About Showcomotion

The Showcomotion Children's Media Conference is the only event in the UK dedicated to children's content across all media, and the inter-relationship between entertainment, education and play.

In 2004 people in the kids' media industry came together to organise the first Showcomotion Children's Media Conference. The idea was to create an annual meeting place that would explore all the new and future developments in kids' media and would also foster creative and business links through networking.

Since those inaugural two days in Sheffield the conference has gone from strength to strength, and expanded its remit to the entire range of media and entertainment experiences available to kids.  It now attracts delegates and speakers from Radio, Television, Film, Interactive Media, Games, Licensing, Toys and Publishing.  The fifth annual conference in July 2008 attracted 380 delegates from across the children's industries.

Showcomotion has always focused on the future of children’s media and regularly brings in speakers from outside the industry to stretch delegates’ imaginations and challenge pre-conceptions.  It also frequently provides valuable research input from some of the best qualified companies in the country, and academic sources.

The emphasis of the conference is now on the convergence of the various sectors around an audience increasingly “platform agnostic” but “brand aware”  The aim is to  bring together these previously disparate groups to share experience and learning, and seek potential partnerships. 

The conference – and its various “outreach” events - explores business, creative, regulatory and strategic issues – and combinations of these.  But above all else the primary focus remains the children’s and youth audience.

We are independent in our editorial stance, and our fiercely competitive volunteer producer know that the Showcomotion delegate audience demands the highest quality content, well presented with time to discuss and debate its implications.

There is a Conference Advisory Committee which meets regularly to build the conference agenda and content. 

The Conference Executive Producer is Greg Childs of Childseye Consulting.  Greg welcomes the contribution of anyone in who might want to offer session ideas or volunteer their services.  This is a conference created by the industry for the industry and your opinions count.

The Showcomotion Children's Media Conference is organised as part of Showcomotion Young People's Film Festival. Showcomotion, founded in 1999, is an annual 15-day film festival at the Showroom Cinema, Sheffield.

The Director of Showcomotion is Kathy Loizou, previously Director of the Sheffield International Documentary Festival.

Visit to find out more about Showcomotion Young People's Film Festival.

The Showroom Cinema, Sheffield is also home to the internationally renowned Sheffield International Documentary Festival

Andrew Chitty

"Showcomotion is about networking with like-minded people in an atmosphere of learning. There couldn't be a better way to develop new ideas and build new relationships in theses difficult times..."


Julian Scott

Head of Childrens's Programming Coolabi plc and Chair of the BAFTA Children's Committee