This is an archive and the event is now known as The Children’s Media Conference. Please click here for information on the latest conference.


As we work on the content for the 2009 Showcomotion Conference, we are acutely aware that difficult times often generate new ideas and new groupings which can provide innovative solutions in the long term.  Showcomotion has always been about reflecting the changes in the media landscape brought about by new technology and new consumption habits amongst kids.  Now, more than ever, we need to connect  - to work together to consider what the future holds and how producers and distributors of content – in all its forms – can learn from one another and from the audience itself, to develop new methods of production, new creative approaches and new forms of cross-media content which resonate with young people and are effective, appropriately placed, relevant and engaging.

As the Government debates the future of public service broadcasting, with kids' in the forefront of change, and a multimedia perspective the most likely solution, the time could not be more ripe for the unique approach we have adopted at Showcomotion – to bring all the players together to share their understanding, compare their industry sector skills, and consider the relative values of collaboration and healthy competition.  That is our method and our theme for Showcomotion 2009.

Showcomotion aims to oil the wheels of commerce and creativity not just by presenting inspiring and informative conference content, but by also providing opportunities for people and companies who rarely meet to mingle, discuss and debate with one focus – the children’s audience.  From 2009 those opportunities will extend beyond the conference itself, onto our website, into online networking as we set up the UK’s first community of kids’ media professionals, and into other events, as we expand the Showcomotion presence into other venues and events.

In the end – no matter what the crisis - children still want to learn about the world, hear stories, laugh and play. Showcomotion is at the heart of the national conversation for everyone interested in providing the very best of those for our kids.

Anne Home OBE
Showcomotion Conference Chair


Boy playing Helicopter pilot game