This is an archive and the event is now known as The Children’s Media Conference. Please click here for information on the latest conference.

Director, KIDNET

After working in the theatre, ending with the Royal Court Theatre, he worked at the BBC as a writer/director in the children's' department. He joined TVS, where his work in kids and adult drama production was awarded 2 BAFTA nominations and 3 New York Gold Awards.

John was awarded a University Fellowship for his academic research into 'the customer experiences of digital 2010'. He rejoined the BBC's Corporate Strategy as head of a team exploring content formats for emerging digital networks in the UK and appointed to the HM Government Cabinet Office's Digital Management Board. 

John left the BBC to build a consultancy business, working in both the public and private sector, developing strategies for encouraging a wide range of communities of interest to grow through media in the digital environment. He runs three small companies that produce interactive media products and services.