This is an archive and the event is now known as The Children’s Media Conference. Please click here for information on the latest conference.

Co-Founder, Media Modifications

Erik Blankinship has many years of experience working with children as an inventor of educational technologies and activities. He also researches the potential of digital media for teaching and learning literature, history, mathematics, and game design. His doctoral portfolio of projects included the design and implementation of technologies for creative appropriation and remixing of media such as television shows, Hollywood movies, video games, and collaboratively constructed online maps of communities.

Dr. Blankinship received his Ph.D. in Media Arts and Sciences from the MIT Media Laboratory, his M.Ed. from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education, and B.A. in English Literature with honors from the University of Maryland at College Park, where he was a recipient of the Jim Henson Award for Projects Related to Puppetry.